Historical/Cultural places to visit in Mexico

For this Spanish project we were first required to label and highlight things on a map that are important and or relate to the book we started in class called “Pobre Ana”. We also wrote populations of some of those cities or states down along with the population of Texas and its capital to compare. Next, we had the option of making a slideshow or board of some kind to show ten pictures of  places we’d like to visit in Mexico along with the city and state they’re located in. Two of those places had to be located in the state of Nayarit to go along with the book as well. The project connects with our curriculum because we got to learn more about the culture of the language we’ve been learning. From the map portion of this project, I learned that Mexico has states like the U.S. and the comparisons between states in Mexico and the state I live in, Texas. From the slideshow portion of the project I learned about a few interesting places I may actually like to visit one day. I didn’t know about many places in Mexico, besides beaches, before I started this assignment. One place I chose for my project was the “Rafael Tovar y de Teresa Museum of Mexican Music” because music is a big part of my life and I think it would be interesting to learn about the history of music in Mexico. Another place I chose was Xochimilco because of the boats on the river that show much of Mexican culture with shops, food, and music.

15. May 2019 by Ty
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